Mimics are a species of extraterrestrial beings that travel to planets to colonize them and drain them of their resources before presumably moving on to another planet.

Overview Edit

Mimics are described to look like bloated frogs slightly smaller than humans with four legs and a tail. They are extremely heavy and strong, being silicon-based life forms; their insides are filled with a sand-like substance. A 50 mm round is required to pierce their armor. In addition to all this, they can fire projectiles called javelins from vents in their body that have the equivalent power of a 40 mm round.

Design Edit

In the manga, Mimics looks like giant spheres with a huge mouth. Besides a huge mouth, they lack any facial features on their outer shell, but do possess to what looks like multiple eyes around their mouth area. They have long spikes coming out of their lower area and they move through the environment by floating.

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